Jan 31, 2008

30th Jan 08 - KL Convention Centre Appreciation Nite

It was a night filled with entertainment, from live bands, silat performance, fire breathing humans to arcade games, shotting hoops and salsa dance. Felt like I was in a circus in actual fact but with plenty of good food and booze to go around.

Different variety of bands performed from a string trio, chinese quartet, traditional malay group to mariachi band, rock band and a jazz band.
It was held at the Exibition Hall 1 and 2 of KL Convention Centre naturally. A gigantic stage was set up for most of the bands to perform. The jazz band was at the Jazz Lounge one floor up.

Not surprising to get a lot of guest coming into the Jazz lounge despite the fact that the entrance was hidden when you have free flow of cigars, booze and live Jazz music, rite?
Organization could have been better when the Jazz band were made to change from one location to another after initial set up and ended up playing till 11pm when we were told the event would finnish by 9pm. And without proper amplification. My poor double bassist. Oh well...

Met a lady that was still very much into Electone music and was disappointed that I was not in the Electone scene anymore. Imploring me to guide and lead potential Electone players like herself and others by setting up a fan club or something. I have my reasons for not being in Yamaha anymore.

Another highlight of the night was receiving a compliment when you least expect it. When it's so spontaneous and you know they meant it and not just saying it.
Anyway, this will be my last post for January, see you next month.

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