Dec 31, 2007

30th Dec 07 - Wedding of Dennis and Josephine

Dec 30, 2007

29th Dec 07 - Wedding of Jason and Michelle

For more info on JaysJam! and Jason Geh, click here.

Dec 29, 2007

28th Dec 07 - Wedding of Shawn and Shall Wai

JaysJam! a four piece live band lead by International Electone Festival winner Jason Geh performing at the wedding of Shaun Phua and Shall Wai at the Sheraton Subang. Click here for more info about JaysJam! From left to right:- Shawn Phua, Shall Wai, Jason Geh and Charmaine(violinist)

Dec 24, 2007

Dec 23, 2007

22nd Dec 07 - Wedding of Poh Suan and Charles

Live band in Malaysia, JaysJam! performing at Shangrila Hotel, Kuala Lumpur during Poh Suan and Charles's wedding. Featuring Peter on double bass/ vocals, Chan on Er Hu(Chinese violin), Tom on Saxophone and Jason Geh(Band leader) on keyboards. Need a band for an event? Click here to get more information on Jason Geh and JaysJam!

Bottom left: Poh Suan's younger sister Poh Sim giving a speech
Bottom right: Poh Suan and Charles champagne pouring

Bottom left: Emcee Lynda putting Charles on the spot
Bottom right: A guest singer jammin' with the band

Dec 21, 2007

21st Dec 07 - Mayflower Annual Dinner 2007

JaysJam! a live jazz band in Malaysia featuring Gina on vocals, Charmaine on violin and Jason Geh on keyboards(Band leader) performing @ the Event. Below one of the Vip's jamming with the band. Click here to obtain more information on Jason Geh and JaysJam!

Bottom left: Launching of Mayflower's Annual Dinner
Bottom right: Opening by contestants of Miss Tourism Pageant

Bottom left: Emcee Zandria Ooi and Jason Geh
Bottom right: Xandria conducting a game

Bottom left: Miss Romania
Bottom right: Miss Phillipines

Bottom left: The Mayflower winner Miss New Zealand
Bottom right: Jason and Gina posing with the contestants

Dec 17, 2007

16th Dec 07 - Wedding of James and Jesse

Live Jazz band performing at JW Marriott KL, Malaysia with Razak on Saxophone, Naza on double bass, Jackie on vocals, Jason Geh on keyboards and Munir on drums. Need a band for an event? Click here.

Dec 16, 2007

15th Dec 07 - A & M Realty Annual Dinner

JaysJam! a live band lead by Jason Geh performing at A & M Realty Berhad Annual Dinner @ Bukit Kemuning Golf Club, Kota Kemuning. Need a band for your event in Malaysia? Contact Jason Geh (016 2800 216)

Dec 15, 2007

14th Dec 07 - LuK, INA and FAG Networking Evening

Live band performance by JaysJam! lead by Jason Geh @ LuK, INA and FAG Networking Evening held at Noble House Restaurant, Jalan Delima. With Sonia Lee and Charles on vocals and special appearance by multi instrumentalist Chin Wei on Chinese Flute, Pan Flute, Alto and Soprano Saxophone. A night filled with Chinese favourites, Golden oldies and Jazz music. Need a band for an event in Malaysia?
Contact Jason Geh (016 2800 216)

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Dec 10, 2007

9th Dec 07 - Wedding of Martin and Joanne

JaysJam! a live jazz band performing at One World Hotel. Featuring Attilia on vocals, Peter on Double bass and vocals, Razak Rahman on Saxophone and Jason Geh on Keyboards(Band leader). Need a band for an event in Malaysia? Contact Jason Geh (016 2800 216) at or go to

Jason Geh, Attilia and Razak Rahman