Sep 30, 2006

29th Sep 06 - Guiness Stout

Guiness Stout gig at Avenue K.

Sep 23, 2006

23rd Sep 06 - Raintree Club New Member Induction Dinner

Function at Raintree Club. New members induction dinner.

22nd Sep 06 - Garden Party

Garden Party at Putrajaya Shangrila

Sep 15, 2006

14th Sep 06 - Event at Meridien

Genevie(violin), Arthur(percussion) and Jason Geh(piano) performing at Le Meridien ballroom.

Sep 12, 2006

11th Sep 06 - Standered Chattered Award Nite

Standered Chattered award nite!
Jason Geh with Vanessa and friends at PJ Hilton ballroom.

Sep 10, 2006

Sep 5, 2006

4th Sep 06 - Castrol

Jason Geh performing with "Reflections" during Castrol function at KL Hilton ballroom.

Sep 3, 2006

2nd Sep 06 - Wedding at Sentul!

Wedding function!

Tom, Dennis, Jason and Peter backstage at Heng Gok Hall, Sentul!

Sep 2, 2006

1st Sep 06 - "Soo Thien Ming and Nashrah" 30th Anniversary Dinner

Jay's Jam performing for "Soo Thien Ming and Nashrah" 30th anniversary dinner(Advocates & Solicitors) at Shangrila KL ballroom.

From left to right :-
Peter, Tom, Charles and Jason.