Dec 23, 2012

Live Jazz Band | Birthday Party | PJ, Malaysia

Jason Geh’s 3 piece Jazz Band performed for a private birthday party at a bungalow residence off Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya on the 22nd of December 2012.

 The jazz group consists of a saxophonist, female singer and Jason on keyboard. This band line up is sufficient outfit for most events as live band entertainment; however the inclusion of a guitarist and percussionist will be feasible.

The party was situated by the poolside with canopies established as it is raining season here in PJ. But it was fortunate for everyone that the weather was cool and clear.

Photo of Jason Geh Jazz Trio taken after the event A member of the crowd choosing a song to sing with the band Jason’s band performed during dinner with easy listening music at the start, with livelier repertoires at the latter half. There was some crowd participation towards the end with 2 members of the guest coming up on stage to sing songs with the band aka Karaoke time.

Below are the songs featured on the video above. These songs were requested by the organizers.
  • Fallen
  • Killing me softly
  • Heaven
  • Sway
  • Crazy little thing called love
  • The way you look tonight
There were positive feedback from everyone during and after the event.

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Dec 9, 2012

Jazz Band | 2 Piece | Wedding | Eu Jin & Nedra

Jason Geh and singer performed at Eu Jin and Nedra’s wedding on the 8th of December 2012. This event was held at The Grand Imperial Restaurant, Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur.

The bridal couple opted for Jason’s 2 piece group to entertain their guests during dinner. Click on this link to view other combination of jazz ensembles. The inclusion of a saxophonist, guitarist or even a percussionist to this group will be feasible.

Do contact Jason Geh if you require any assistance in pointing to a specific video clip with regards to your preference of live band for your event; as I understand there are many samples on this website. A good rule of thumb is to view the later ones.

Bridal couple Eu Jin and Nedra Toasting ceremony

If you stumbled onto this blog and find it an interesting resource, do forward to your friends who might require jazz band entertainment for their coming events in Malaysia.

Dec 1, 2012

Jazz Band | Launch | Concord Watch

Jason Geh Jazz Band performed at the launch of the C2 Concord Watch at Sassorosso Italian Restaurant, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, KL on the 30th of November 2012.

The band line up for tonight’s event was the usual suspects consisting of a female vocalist, saxophonist and Jason on keyboard.

The jazz trio rendered 2 sets (30 minutes each), the 1st set during the start of dinner taking a 15 minutes interval when the models displayed the watches. The band concluded the evening with their 2nd set thereafter.

Jason Geh Jazz Trio at the launch dinner of Concord Watch A model displaying the new C2 Concord Watch

It was a sophisticated sit down dinner graced by VIPS.

Click here for further viewing of this Jazz Trio

Nov 10, 2012

Jason Geh | Jazz Band | Golden Bull Awards 2012

Jason Geh and friends performed at the 10th Anniversary of the Golden Bull Awards 2012 at Genting International Convention Centre (GICC) on the 9th of November 2012.

They serenaded the crowd which comprised of winners of the entrepreneurial awards with soothing vocal and instrumental music.

Jason Geh Jazz Band Jason Geh Jazz Band performing at the Golden Bull Awards 2012

Nov 7, 2012

Jazz Band Performance | HLB Appreciation Dinner

Jason Geh Jazz Trio performed at Hong Leong Bank’s Customer Appreciation Dinner at The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of November 2012.

Jason’s band for this performance consisted of a singer, saxophonist and himself on keyboard.

The songs featured on the video are:-
  • Will always be loving you (偏偏喜歡你) 
  • Sway 
  • Loving you more every day (每天愛你多一些) 
  • Hijau

Jason Geh Jazz Band Hong Leong Bank Customer Appreciation Dinner was held at The Grand Hyatt KL

Do contact Jason Geh for more info on Jazz Band performances at events around Malaysia

Oct 29, 2012

Jazz Trio | Birthday Party | KL

Jason Geh Jazz Trio performed at Deepak's Birthday Party at Romanza Le Restaurant, KL, Malaysia on the 28th of October 2012

This was a last minute performance for the band as the host (based overseas) arrived in KL 2 days before the birthday and decided to have live band entertainment for their guests of about 20 pax.

Deepak's partner arranged this surprise party. She choose to have Jason Geh's 3 piece jazz group consisting of a singer, saxophonist and Jason on keyboard to perform for the event.

Jason Geh Jazz Trio posing after the birthday performance Jason's Jazz Band performing live during dinner

Jason and the band had the pleasure of dining at the patio of the restaurant prior to their performance. Service was good, food exquisite and the ambient was serene and delightful.

Oct 24, 2012

Jazz Quartet @ Corporate Dinner | KL

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet performed at a corporate dinner at Sage Restaurant, Gardens Hotel on the 23rd of October 2012.

There were not any vocal numbers played during this event upon request by the host as they wanted to create an atmosphere that enables the esteemed guests to communicate and network at ease.

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet at HSBC Dinner
Thus the jazz band played instrumental pieces at an unobtrusive volume featuring the saxophonist rendering the melody accompanied by the guitarist, percussionist and Jason Geh on keyboard.

The host made a few song requests from the band to play during the evening.

Excerpts of that are available on the video clip above.
  • 愛 很簡單 (I love you) - David Tao
  • 每天愛你多一些 (Loving you more every day) - Jacky Cheung

For further viewing, the jazz quartet did a wedding performance at Sage, two weeks ago. Click on the link below to watch.

Wedding of Arul and Joanna

Oct 11, 2012

Jazz Band | Wedding Of Billy & Khyle | Kuantan

Jazz Band from performed at the wedding of Billy and Khyle in Hyatt Regency Kuantan on the 6th of October 2012.

The jazz quartet which consists of a female vocalist, saxophonist, guitarist / vocalist and Jason on keyboard traversed from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan on the morning of the event day.

During dinner, the band performed 2 sessions; the 1st set rendering sentimental to medium love songs and later with exhilarating dance numbers.

Billy and Khyle requested some songs to be played from the band's song list to which the band conflate with some of their own selections. The crowd was very responsive throughout the night to their performance and repertoire.

The piano version of the bridal march featured on this video was chosen by the wedding couple as their grand entrance gambit. (The tune is by Jonathan Cain)

Kudos to the audio team from Kuantan for providing such good sound.

Jason Geh Jazz Band Bridal couple Billy and Khyle The bridal couple with the MCs on stage The toasting ceremonyy
After the event, the band stayed over at Hyatt for the night (courtesy of the newlyweds) and depart for KL the next day.

The band feel gratified to be invited to perform and be part of Billy and Khyle's special occasion; and would like to thank them for being such great host.

Click here to view the band's past performances out of KL

Oct 8, 2012

Jazz Quartet | Wedding of Arul & Joanna

Jazz Quartet lead by Jason Geh performed for the wedding of Arul and Joanna at Sage Restaurant Gardens Hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 5th of October 2012.

The jazz group played instrumentals during dinner with a few vocal numbers by the guitarist later in the night. The highlight of the evening was when Joanna came up and sang a song dedicated to Arul. She was accompanied by the band. There's a snippet of her singing on the video so be sure to watch it.

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet performing at the wedding during dinner Arul and Joanna, the newlyweds

Joanna inspired Jason to include the song "I will be there" by Steven Curtis Chapman in the video. She initially wanted to sing this song but later decided on Mariah Carey's Hero, which was awesome.

Hope that you like it

For more on jazz band performances in Malaysia, go to Jason Geh's blog

Sep 24, 2012

Jazz Band @ Malaysia Print Awards 2012

Jason Geh Jazz Band provided light entertainment for SFTCPPA 65th Anniversary Celebration, Malaysia Print Awards 2012. The band performed jazz instrumentals as pre-dinner entertainment and later featured their female vocalist during dinner.

The band line-up is as follows:-
  • Singer 
  • Saxophonist 
  • Guitarist 
  • Keyboardist 
  • Percussionist
Profile photo of Jason Geh Jazz Band The Jazz Band performing during the event
Jason’s band performing jazz instrumentals Jason Geh, Elaine Daly and Goh Wee Ping
This event was held on the 22nd of September 2012 at Sime Darby Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur.

Feel free to browse around my sites for photo and video references of our band's past and recent performances at events in Malaysia.

Sep 22, 2012

Jazz Quartet | HLB Soft Launch

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet was the designated entertainers at the soft launch of HLB’s Private Banking. The band consisted of a singer, saxophonist, guitarist and Jason on keyboard.

This event was held at Wisma Hong Leong Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of September 2012.

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet Jason Geh and Will Quah
Soft Launch of HLB’s Private Banking Some of the VIPs at the launch

Aug 28, 2012

Jazz Trio at Retirement Party

Jazz Trio from Jason Geh performed at the retirement party of AON Benfield's CEO. The band line up consisted of a singer, a saxophonist and Jason Geh on keyboard.

Jason Geh was AON Benfield's selection of live entertainment during the event that was held at Passion Road Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur on the 27th of August 2012.

Jason Geh Jazz Trio performing at the retirement party Group photo of AON Benfield
Presentation of mementos/gift to Phaik Har by Malcolm Profile picture of the Jazz Trio

To view Jason's past involvement with regards to parties and private funcions, click here

Jul 12, 2012

Jazz Quartet @ Corporate Event, KL

This corporate event was held at NEO Tamarind, Jalan Sultan Ismail KL on the 21st of June 2012. The Jazz Quartet performed during dinner with instrumentals featuring the saxophonist.

This video highlights certain tunes from their performance with solos by the guitarist, percussionist and Jason Geh on keyboard. Tunes performed during this event were short listed by the client from the band’s repertoire.

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet performing for HSBC's Dinner The event was held at NEO Tamarind, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
The featured ensemble on this video is one of the variations of a quartet that are viable. The inclusion of a vocalist, violinist or double bassist is also possible. To view other band combinations, click here

Jun 20, 2012

Jazz Trio @ Launch of The Apartment

Jason Geh Jazz Trio (Singer / Saxophonist / Keyboardist) performed at the launch of the reality TV show “The Apartment” (season 2). This event was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre, KL on the 19th of June 2012.

About 6 months ago, Jason’s quartet performed for a similar event whereby the winner of The Apartment (season 1) was announced. This TV series is sponsored by Sime Darby Property.

Jason Geh Jazz Trio with singer, saxophonist and keyboardist The launch of The Apartment season 2

Watch Jason’s Jazz Quartet at The Apartment (Season 1)

Jun 19, 2012

Jazz Quartet @ Oracle’s Dinner, KL

Today’s blog post features Jason Geh’s Jazz Quartet performing at Oracle’s Networking Dinner at Westin Hotel KL on June the 18th, 2012.

The group consisted of a singer accompanied by three musicians:-
  • Singer
  • Saxophonist
  • Guitarist
  • Keyboardist
Jason Geh Jazz Quartet at Oracle's Networking Dinner Welcome speech by Oracles' Managing Director Mr Jimmy Cheah

Here are Jason Geh’s past performances for Oracle:-

Apr 24, 2012

Event Jazz Band | Singer | Sajin’s Wedding

This video features Jason Geh’s Event Jazz Band providing live music entertainment at the wedding dinner of Sajin and Christina held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie on April the 21st 2012.

The band line-up is as follows:-
  • Female Singer 
  • Guitarist / Male Singer 
  • Saxophonist 
  • Keyboardist 
Jason Geh's Event Jazz Band Sajin and Christina are the newlyweds

Apr 23, 2012

Wedding Live Band | Nabil’s Wedding | Saujana

This wedding live band performed at the wedding of Nabil and Priscilla at Saujana Subang on the 21st of April 2012

The group is made up of three performers:-
  • Singer / Guitarist
  • Saxophone player
  • Upright bassist

Wedding Live Band performing live at the event The newlyweds Nabil and Priscilla

Apr 1, 2012

Event Jazz Singer in KL | Birthday

Jason Geh and singer performed for a birthday dinner event on the 31st of March 2012 at Shangri-La Hotel KL.

Today’s video is rather short due to a considerable amount of background noise during the recording.

A better video reference of the Event Jazz Singer can be viewed here.

Event Jazz Singer and Keyboardist performing during the birthday dinnerProfile photo of the event jazz singer

Mar 17, 2012

Emcee | MC & Singer | KL | Wedding of Kenneth & Krystle

Today’s post features an English speaking Emcee (MC) that is KL base, during the wedding of Kenneth and Krystle. The wedding was held on March the 16th 2012 at Extra Super Tanker Restaurant, The Club, Petaling Jaya.

Highlights of the wedding dinner include the unconventional yet highly fun bridal entrance, a 3 piece live Jazz Band with singer and the lady Emcee (Master of Ceremony) in action.

Emcee Gina with bridal couple Krystle and KennethChampagne pouring ceremony

3 piece Jazz Band with singer providing light entertainment during the wedding dinnerWedding couple with band manager Jason Geh

Below are related links with regards to Emcee and Jazz Band in KL, Malaysia:-

Feb 27, 2012

JAZZ BAND in Kuantan | Larry’s Wedding

Here’s a video of our Jazz Band performance at the Zenith Hotel, Kuantan during Larry and Russtey’s wedding event on February the 25th 2012. The band consists of the following:-
  • Singer
  • Saxophonist
  • Drummer
  • Keyboardist

Watch the bridal entrance where the singer and saxophonist ushered the couple into the grand ballroom. Clips of the band’s performance during the wedding dinner have been extracted and integrated for your viewing. There is also a clip of the drummer during his solo on a swing number.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the bride groom Larry for his generosity and hospitality throughout the length of our communication. Cheers!

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet comprising of singer, saxophonist, drummer and keyboardistLarry and Russtey's wedding event

The bridal couple and family having a grand toast with their guestsThe Jazz Band performing live during the wedding dinner

Here is a link to view our other Jazz Band performances outside of Kuala Lumpur. We perform mainly in Kuala Lumpur but do travel upon special request.