String Quartet LIVE | KL Malaysia | FAPPI Dinner

String Quartet from Jason Geh performed at FAPPI’s Gala Dinner at Marriott Putrajaya KL on the 20th of October 2011. The group entertained the guests with 2 sets of performance during dinner.

The quartet creates a “classy” ambient by their selections of repertoire with instrumental music from the period of baroque, classical, romantic with jazz standards, broadway musicals, movie themes, ragtimes and many other genres. Watch the video clip provided above to experience their performance. 

You can forward the video to 2:20 to skip the introduction. 4 pieces of music are featured including Leroy Anderson’s “Syncopated Clock” and 2 mellifluous waltzes towards the end. 

Profile photo of String Quartet from Jason GehCultural Dance Performance
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String Quartet performing LIVE at FAPPI's Gala DinnerEntertainment by solo violinist
By the way, FAPPI stands for Federation of ASEAN Pulp and Paper Industries. 

This conference is held from the 19th till 21st of October 2011 and the event tonight is their Gala Dinner.

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