Hire Mariachi Band | Mexican Band in KL, Malaysia

This video presentation depicts a 6 piece Mariachi Band / Mexican Band in action in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These musicians are not Mexicans but are Malaysians base in KL. Dr Joanne hired this Mariachi / Mexican band from Jason Geh Entertainment to perform for her birthday celebration at Elegant Inn Restaurant on the 26th April 2010.


Band manager, Jason Geh assembled this Mariachi / Mexican band consisting of a trumpet player, two violin players, a double bass player, a percussion player and an acoustic guitar player incidentally the main singer of the band. The percussion player will take turns to sing alternating with the main singer. The other musicians provide back up vocals to compliment and enhance the overall sound of the band.

  Mariachi Band / Mexican Band performing live in KL, MalaysiaThe violin player from the Mariachi / Mexican Band interacting with Dr Joanne, the birthday girl

Dr Joanne and her husbandDr Joanne and her dogs

5 to 10 piece combination of the Mariachi / Mexican band will be available to suit your event. The minimum number of musicians will be five with three rhythm section (guitar / bass / percussion) and two solo instruments (trumpet / violin). A bigger group will be ideal to create a fiesta type of sound with multiple violins, trumpets and guitars. 

The musicians will arrive at the event fully attired with their vest, bow tie and the Mexican hat. To find out more about the Mariachi / Mexican band, do contact Jason Geh at 016 2800 216 or you can browse through his live band website. Alternatively, do visit his music blog to view archives of all his past and present live performances in Malaysia containing a smorgasbord of photos and video samples.
Another image of Jason Geh's Mariachi / Mexican band performing live at the eventThe birthday girl

The Mariachi / Mexican Band from Jason Geh EntertainmentFamily picture

If you are serious about hiring bands, it’s a great idea to spend some time going through his blog. You will come to realize that your entertainment will be handled by a true professional who has tons of experience performing and managing live bands in KL, Malaysia. 

Give Jason Geh a call, let him know your preferences and he will be able to assist you.

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