Mar 29, 2015

KL Jazz Band @ Private VIP Dinner

Jazz Band from Jason Geh performed for an exclusive VIP Dinner at the house of a Dato near Jalan Ampang, KL on the 24th of March 2015

The Jazz Quartet consisted of a female singer, violinist, double bassist and Jason Geh as the pianist.

The above grouping is one of the many combinations that can be assembled by Jason Geh

Typically a band needs a lead singer, a soloist (saxophone or violin) plus one or multiple accompanying instruments (keyboard or piano, drum or percussion, guitar, bass etc)

At this event, the Jazz Band performed 2 sets during dinner (between 8pm – 10pm) with instrumental and vocal music from varied eras and diverse styles; not to mention multiple languages (but mainly English and Malay songs with a handful of Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and Japanese)

There were about 35 guests who attended the dinner, mainly VIPs with the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Domica being the guest of honor

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